Sunday, August 16, 2009

new pieces buy brian brace fine furniture maker

Check out the new pieces that i have finished in the last month or so.

One is a kitchen table for the use of a kitchen island but can open up with the gate legs or close for your size preference.

The other is a table that was made for a client that like to cross his legs sometimes when sitting at his desk but, the apron of the desk would always be in his way so measured his chair and where his leg height was and custom made him this desk in solid cherry.

The mirror was me having a little fun mixing Greene and Greene and mission or contemporary. It was made with mahogany and curly maple dyed ebony black.

thanks for looking,
Brian Brace
Fine Furniture Maker

new finish being delivered!

I am very exited to find out about a new finish that i am going to be trying out.Its a " green" finish that i will be trying out to see how well it performs in the climate down here in south Florida. There is quite a curve ball being thrown at you down here when working with finishes dealing with the high humidity.Cant wait to try it out and i will keep you posted!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brian visits glass blower studio in Naples Florida

Last night i had the pleasure of finally going out to a glass blowers open studio that i had heard about for a couple of years now. So nice to see some great artist here in Naples doing well and with a great setup for people to view the artists at work. They even had a monitor set up under a canopy where everyone sits to view .

My goal now is to get to know these artists ( husband and wife!) and see about collaborating some work together . Glass blowers are great people to associate with because you can mix woods and colors of glass in a piece to really set off each others work. They also have to have a lot of overhead to produce there product like a furniture shop.Yet if you work together we both tend to have the same kind of clientele.

I guess it is finally time to start designing a piece with hand blown glass!

" Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life"

Brian Brace
Fine Furniture Maker
Naples ,Florida
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