Saturday, July 14, 2012

                Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing well. I have been spending some time trying to catch people up with some of the pieces that I have been building over the last year or so.
               This piece is my Greene and Greene style coffee table that I designed originally in 2007 and have built a few over the past year or so. This one was custom built for a couple in San Francisco California area and is built with Walnut and Birds Eye Maple .My customer wanted a drawer that went threw and made both sides the front by having a handle on both sides. Also we worked together with what he was looking for in a handle for this piece and now this will be the handle that I offer Greene and Greene Coffee Table all of the time. The Birds Eye Maple was outstanding and I got the Walnut from a local sawyer 1 mile from my shop!! There is a few places like that around here that  I have found in the last year or so. And last but not least this piece was finished with a hand rubbed oil finish that has about 5 coats building up a great finish that is smooth....! I then built a custom crate and shipped it across the country for a surprise Christmas present for my clients wife.
Brian Brace
1196 Old Us Hwy 70 west
(828) 777-8184

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