Wednesday, July 4, 2012

               I am going to start out with that fact that i will be updating some of my pieces that I have been building since I move to Black Mountain,North Carolina exactly 2 years from today. Things have been crazy the last few years and I have been busy trying to keep up. As the business was growing quicker that I could move. Now that I am starting to get a hold of things I am working on this blog and do a  more personal touch with the business to give everyone and idea what it is like to try to balance life as a furniture maker. 
              This piece is one of the best pieces I have built since relocating to North Carolina. It is my White Purple Heart Hutch that is a Brian Brace original design. Custom made for a local customer and was based on my original Purple Heart Hutch but,this one is closed in on the bottom and is built out of Cherry,Birds Eye Maple and Purple Heart.  This piece has right above the two bottom doors a pull out shelf to extend the top for more counter top space and all of the handles are hand made also .
           Thanks so much for looking and keep in touch. 
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Brian Brace

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